During the course of my professional life helping families acclimate to the dynamics that a new life adds to a family with or without existing children, and my own experiences juggling a professional career with motherhood, I have come to understand the complex needs that arise out of balancing love for your family and time for yourself.

Through years of hands on interaction with my loyal clients and their families I learned firsthand that there were still some missing components to what my services could offer. Out of which grew other tools of service that families and professionals could count on Sweet P to provide at the highest level of expertise possible. From Baby Nurses and Nannies to Personal Assistants, Estate Management, Bookkeepers and Cooks, Sweet P will match what you need, with who you need. Thatís our commitment to you.

Dana B. Klitzner
President and Owner - Sweet P Inc.
Dear Valued Clients,

Since 1992, I have dedicated my life to helping families with newborn babies adjust to the amazing experiences that come with bring a new life into their homes. My love for child nurturing comes from my own experiences of childbirth and raising 3 beautiful children.
(Formerly Sweet P Baby)
Postpartum Care
Nanny Placement Services
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There is no moment more profound than seeing your own child arrive into this world. From pregnancy, to childbirth, to bringing your new baby home for the first time, becoming a new parent will touch you in a way you never thought possible. But this amazing and beautiful experience can also be intimidating, overwhelming and even a little scary! At Sweet P, we are here to help guide you through this life changing event and make things a little easier along the way. During your pregnancy, delivery and even settling in at home, Sweet P provides a unique combination of personalized support, services and valuable resources to your family from birth through the early years.

Upon delivery of your newborn baby, our Postpartum Care Services will step in to assist, guide and support your family as you transition into this incredible new life. Our professionally trained Postpartum Care Specialists will provide you with a home care experience, custom tailored for you, your baby and your family.

Once you begin to get in the swing of things, and have rested and recovered from childbirth, our Staffing Solutions can get you settled with the perfect Nanny, House Keeper, House Manager, Personal Assistant, or any other hands-on help that will make your life a little easier.

At Sweet P, we are also dedicated to the support of your elder loved ones who may need an experienced hand to help them get through the more difficult challenges daily life tends to impose Our Home Care Services will provide your loved ones with the best care they deserve.

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