Home Office/Staffing Services

SweetP Services is dedicated to helping the family manage all of its greatest assets.  From the children to the business, we offer solutions that allow you more freedom to prioritize your time spent being a parent a homemaker and a business person.

Our staffing expertise is not limited to childcare.  We are also business professionals who understand the balance between business and home.  We can provide you administrative personnel on an as needed basis to help you achieve that balance.  Our staffing services include support for:

• Book Keeping/Accounting
• Staff Management/Estate Management
• Home and Office organization
• Bill management (including bill savings and
         account negotiators)
• Personal Assistants
• Life Insurance and Financial Planning

(Formerly Sweet P Baby)
Postpartum Care
Nanny Placement Services
(818) 999-9005
SweetP’s expertise in placement extends beyond its renowned Nanny and Baby Nursing services. SweetP understands the overall staffing needs of working professionals and the balance between home and office.

It’s about matching needs with personalities, something SweetP has been doing successfully for over 20 years.
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