Nanny Placement Services

Choosing a Nanny for your newborn is a very important and personal decision. Your child's nanny will become not just a caregiver, but a trusted and loving companion as well. Leaving your children with someone else is never easy, but at SweetP, we try to help with the transition by welcoming your family into ours. We screen our nannies very carefully and always strive to find the perfect match between nanny and family. SweetP Nannies are highly experienced in the care of newborns and children of all ages, have at least two years of referenced nanny experience, are legal to work in the US, speak English and carry a valid driver's license. SweetP will also provide you with a thorough background and reference check as well as a three month replacement guarantee. If you are interested in hiring a nanny, please give us a call and allow us to walk you through the process.
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Nanny Placement Services
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What Can I Expect My Nanny To Do?

Your personally chosen nanny will provide you with whatever assistance you need the most. Since we select your nanny to fit your particular lifestyle, this may be different for every family. In addition to watching your children, duties often include child-related housekeeping, meal preparation, accompanying children on outings and play-dates and occasionally traveling with a family. Keep in mind, a good nanny cannot be a full charge housekeeper and still give 100% attention to your children, so it is up to you to decide what is most important for your family.

Important Things to Discuss When Hiring Your Nanny.

Important issues such as child discipline, scheduling and finances should all be agreed upon before the hire takes place. We have put together this guide to help give you an idea of what to discuss with your nanny during the hiring process. We recommend that the family and nanny put all decisions in writing.

What is the nanny's gross weekly salary?
How often will the nanny receive payment? What taxes will the family withhold for the nanny, including income tax, social security, and Medicare? A weekly paycheck is typical. Please check with your tax preparer for more information on tax withholding.

What are the nanny's primary responsibilities?
Will nanny be in charge of arranging outings such as trips to the park and play dates? Will nanny be in charge of housekeeping duties? Professional nannies are normally responsible for all child-related cooking, cleaning and laundry. Some nannies will do full charge house cleaning if discussed before-hand.

What sort of detailed information will you want to hear from your nanny at the end of the day?

What will be the vacation and holiday policy?
Most families give their nanny one to two weeks paid vacation at the end of their first year and major holidays off with pay.

Will the nanny be expected to travel with the family?
When the family travels without the nanny, will he or she be paid for this time? Set hours and days should always be discussed and agreed upon before travel.

Will there be scheduled raises in the nanny's salary?
In general, most families will give at least a 3% raise after the first year of service. You can also give holiday bonuses.
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